Velox 2: The Human Powered Speed Record

Все видео канала DSM2012-09-19 17:06

Every year, the fastest human-powered vehicles gather in Nevada (USA) for the World Human Powered Speed Challenge in an attempt to post the highest possible speeds. The Human Power Team from the Technical University Delft and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands has set its sights on breaking the 133 km/h world record.

So when the students of the Human Power Team asked DSM for help, our engineers and technicians could not wait to get involved. In partnership with the Human Power Team, experts from DSM focused on both the shell (also called canopy) and the drive-train.

The 16th of September, the Human Power Team and their Velox 2 won the 2012 World Human Powered Speed Challenge with a top speed of 128.9 km/h. Check out the following pages for more information.

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