Sun Benefits | Benefits of Sun Gazing | Sun Gazing 🌞

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Sun Benefits | Benefits of Sun Gazing | Sun Gazing
The Health Benefits Of Sun Gazing. We tend to wear a lot of sunglasses here in the west when it comes to the sun.

The same way our body needs that sunlight and vitamin D to boost our energy level and also our health.

The practice of sun gazing closely resembles its name. At sunrise and/or sunset, when the sun is closest to the earth, sun gazers stand barefoot on the earth and look directly at the sun for 10 seconds.

Every day, 10 seconds are added and some sun gazers eventually reach a duration of 30 minutes. You can do more after your eyes are trained well enough to absorb more sunlight.

The theory is that the sun is the force of all life, and staring at it can infuse the body with large amounts of energy.

Our ancestors understood the relation between the sun and health. From the Aztecs to the ancient Egyptians, many past societies revered sun gazing as an esoteric practice for high-ranking priests and shamans. Today, it is experiencing a resurgence in popularity and sun gazers claim it has its benefits.

Boosts production of melatonin and serotonin. Research shows sun gazing stimulates the pineal gland as the direct sunlight hits the eye, moves through the retinal-hypothalamic track, and then hits the brain.

This stimulates the pineal (“master gland”) and boosts the secretion of melatonin and serotonin, our “feel-good” hormones.
Increased energy levels.

Modern day sun gazers say the practice has boosted their vitality. This is probably related to the secretion of the aforementioned hormones.
Increases the actual size of the pineal gland. Not only can this practice boost hormone levels, it has also been shown to increase the size of the pineal gland. Normally, as we age, the pineal gland shrinks.

Promotes weight loss. One of the historical theories for sun gazing was that the body and mind could be nourished by the sun, reducing the need for food. Similarly, some modern day sun gazers say they have lost excess weight, and some even report a total loss of the desire and need to eat.

Sun gazing is an interesting practice that touches the spiritual and psychological realms, which are very personal things. Everyone is wired a little differently and this practice isn't for everyone, nor is it something I recommend.

If you choose to partake, do your own research, be careful, be cautious, and document your experience.

Sun Benefits | Benefits of Sun Gazing | Sun Gazing
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