BEST 3rd-Eye Opening Exercises 😇

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BEST 3rd Eye-Opening Exercises. Visualizations are a great way to help to activate the opening of your 3rd eye.

In this video, I will share with you an effective way to awaken your third eye.

1. Relax in a quiet place. You may choose to sit in lotus position or lie down.

2. Close your eyes. Let your mind clear. This will be a challenging for many people, so take your time and allow yourself to release one worry after another.

3. Once your mind is calm, focus your mental energy on the center of your forehead. The pineal gland is located in the brain, so concentrate on this gland. You may feel warm or get a tingling sensation at this point in the exercise, but carry on away…

4. Visualize the Third Eye in the center of your forehead. Concentrate on images of this eye opening and the frequency of the energy of this eye falling into sync with the rest of the energy in your body.

5. Repeat this exercise until you have awakened the full potential of the sixth chakra, 3rd eye or pineal gland. You may find, as your Third Eye gets stronger, that you can look at the room from its perspective. With your eyes closed, visualize the room from the Third Eye.

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