1999–2005 BMW E46 Performance Air Intake Installation Guide By Mishimoto

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1999–2005, BMW E46 Performance Air Intake

• Direct fit for the 1999–2005 BMW 323i/325i/328i
• Black powder-coated heat shield keeps unwanted hot air from entering the air filter
• Works with the stock or Mishimoto silicone intake hoses
• Improves engine tone
• Utilizes the stock air inlet duct
• Fully serviceable Mishimoto oiled air filter provides 84% increase in filter surface area compared to the stock filter
• Air filter has built in velocity stack for crisp throttle response
• Smooth design eliminates restrictions and improves airflow
• Designed in Delaware, USA and filter made in USA
• Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Model: MMAI-E46-99BK