Once Upon A Time 4x10 Hook and Rumple At The Docks - With Transcript

Все видео канала Irene Fox2014-12-04 22:17

--No fleeing by boat then.
--This Snow Queen is good, isn't she?..Sit, lad..Don't forget where your heart lies..
Now I have a job for you.You remember how this works.
--The hat? Not Emma.
--No, no. Not this time..I have a better plan..
Granny's Diner is being converted into a temporary hive for the vilest of creatures the pious little fleas.
--Pious? The fairies?
--Just like any flying pests,if you wanna eliminate the infestation,it's important to get them all.
Doing so will infuse this hat with enough power to allow me to cleave myself from the dagger and then leave this town with my powers intact,
a suddenly urgent undertaking..
Now will you assist me?
--You have my heart. You know I can't refuse.
--Indeed..But here's the rub, dearie..
My wife has just called to inform me that she intends to spend the day sequestered amongst said fleas.
So I need you to stand by while I get her out of the way.
--The fairies are working to stop the spell..
You're killing the cure? You do this, you condemn the entire town,
and even your own grandson,to whatever happens.
--No, I'm not leaving Henry.
I will take him and I will take Belle and I will leave this town to its fate.
--But Emma and everyone else...
--I don't have time for everyone else.
And if I have to choose between everyone else and me.."Me" wins every time.
You can clench your jaw... And flash your eyes all you wish,because it doesn't change the fact...
That we're in this together.